JVH August 2017 Newsletter

the latest in large-format inkjet printers and media
Topics in this newsletter:
1. JVH Summer Friday August 25 Open House/Demo Day
2. Canon PRO-2000 12-color Printer Demo at JVH.
3. Epson S40600 printer special promo
$9,995 thru August 31
4. New PremiereArt Matte Canvas
. Current Epson and Canon rebates for August
JVH Open House - Friday August 25
Stop by and see the latest Moab and Canson fine art papers. The Moab rep will be here.

When Open House Friday August 25
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where JVH Technical
4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

RSVP tel 425.643.7323
Moab/Legion is also the national distributor for the Canson high-end media line. The rep can talk to you about what's new with the incomparable Canson fine art and photo papers.
At the Friday Open House on August 25, you can see in action the latest Canon PRO-2000 printer. (At the end of the Open House, this demo printer will be available for sale at a substantial discount.)

See the blazing fast
Epson T-Series printer. We always have sample prints off all the latest Epson printers -
P-Series/Photo, T-Series/Technical, S-Series/Solvent, and F-Series/Dye Sub. Check out the latest specs, rebates, media, and applications, and everything new about Epson.

Also feel free to stop by and talk about guerilla marketing and how to jack up your sales and enhance your very important customer service.
New Matte Canvas Announced
This new 2:1 double weave poly/cotton PremiereArt Matte Canvas is one the finest on the market today, yet is priced 20% - 40% less than other high-end canvases. It is much more economical than Satin Canvas, and the surface can be changed to Matte, Satin, or Gloss using water-based ECO Print Shield or other comparable coatings. The bright white base has a high D-Max and extended tonal range, making this canvas ideal for wedding and portrait photography, Giclée, décor art and fine art printing.
PremierArt’s unique acid free coating produces arguably the highest D-Max of any matte canvas on the market today. With a higher D-Max comes an expanded color gamut that produces more vibrant prints. This instant drying and water resistant canvas is compatible with both dye and pigment based inks on either thermal or piezo printers.

JVH has free sample rolls available. Just let us know and we will get one in your hands for you to try out and see for yourself how good this new canvas looks.
valid through August 31

An Epson industry leading 64" solvent printer for $9,995!

Get outa' here!
Sizzling Hot Rebates R'Us
August Printer Rebates
SureColor Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor Eco-Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Plotters

SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers

We help you onsite to install, set up, calibrate and provide training on your new printer,
plus provide free sample media.
- and if you forget what you learned,
we will come back and help you again.

Epson 13" P400 - $100.+ $50 Loyalty
Epson 13" P600 -
$150.+$50. Loyalty
Epson 17" P800 - $300.+$50. Loyalty
Epson 17" P5000 Standard Ed - $200.

Epson 17" P5000 Designer Ed - $250.
mail-in rebate - August 1 to August 31

Epson 24" P6000 - $300.
Epson 24" P7000 - $750.
Epson 44" P8000 - $750.
Epson 44" P9000 - $1,000.
Epson 44" P10000 - free take-up reel
Epson 64" P20000 - $1,000 + free T/U reel
instant rebate - August 1 to August 31
August Printer Rebates
Epson 24" T3270 - $500.
Epson 36" T5270 - $750.
Epson 36" T5270D - $1,000.
Epson 44" T7270 - $1,000.

Epson 44" T7270D - $1,200.
Additional Education Discount - call

instant rebate - August 1 to August 31

Epson 64" S40600. - $9,995 price thru Aug 31
Epson 64" S60600. - $2,000. + $1,000.
Epson 64" S80600. - $2,000.+ $1,000. Loyalty
instant rebates - August 1 to August 31

Epson 44" F6200 - $500.
Epson 64" F7200 - $1,000.
instant rebates - August 1 to August 31

Canon 24" PRO-2000 - $200.
Canon 44" PRO-4000 - $500.

instant rebate - August 1 to August 31
Nice Rebate on Epson Media
Buy any three rolls of Signature Worthy media and get the cost back of one FREE by mail
mail-in rebate - August 1 to August 31
S-Series Solvent Printers
Industry best photo quality High print speeds. Low power requirement. 3 models, 64"-wide Environmentally responsible. Versus aqueous, inks are 1/2 the cost, and media are 1/4 the cost Red ink plus Metallic Silver and White Inks are available.
P-Series Aqueous Photo Printers
Industry benchmark for print quality and superior ink technology. 17", 24", 44", 64"-wide High-end photo, fine art, proofing, as well as general printing High reliability and performance over a decade. Now, extreme speed.
T-Series Technical Plotters
Extreme speed and plotting accuracy 24", 36", & 44"-wide Permanent piezo heads Easy front loading Low ink cost Durable prints Stunning photo prints in addition to precision drawings and renderings
F-Series Dye Sub Printers
100% Epson solution - chassis, heads, inks, and support. 44"/64"-wide All new Epson inks Stunning photo quality transfers onto cloth & hard goods
Highly reliable Multiple burgeoning applications
Contact Info: JVH Technical LLC 4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
tel 425.643.7323 email johnjvhtech@gmail.com