JVH July 2016 Newsletter

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Are you kidding - what an image!

Our long-term customer Bonnie Block took this shot and entered it into the 2016 Audubon Society 2016 Photo Contest. It is untouched, exactly the way it came out of her camera. Out of 7000+ images entered, she won first place. Congratulations to her. Ryan installed a brand new Epson P8000 44"-wide printer recently at Bonnie's place and this was the first image produced off the printer on hot press fine art paper. Impressive!
Audubon Society Grand Winner
Judging criteria: Technical quality, originality, artistic merit

Bonnie Block
Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron

Location: Seabeck, WA

Camera: Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon 500mm f/4 IS II USM lens; 1/1600 sec at f/6.3; ISO 800, manual mode

Snap Judgement: Seabeck is a small town on the edge of the Hood Canal, in western Washington. In early summer Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles converge here to feast on fish that get trapped in the exposed oyster beds at low tide. While both species catch their own fish, the eagles are especially fond of harassing the herons for their catch. They charge at the herons, which at times release their prey with a loud squawk, dropping the fish back into the water. Though they’re not always successful, the eagles seem to take pleasure in trying to steal a meal.

Bird Lore: The majestic Bald Eagle and America’s largest heron are both top-level predators, and they often pursue the same prey. Where concentrations of fish bring them together, clashes may erupt. In a direct standoff, the herons will usually yield to the eagles, but not without a noisy protest.

We bought a big print from Bonnie as a present to a tree-huggin' family member environmentalist. If you would like more info, you can contact Bonnie at www.fieldandfarmphoto.com, and check out the Audubon site at: http://www.audubon.org/magazine/may-june-2016/the-2016-audubon-photography-awards-winners

Sale on 3-D Bubble Polypropylene Inkjet Media
When you print on this material, it allows images to have the appearance of “popping out” of the media. It creates a 3-D effect that is similar, yet different to the 3-D look of lenticular images, and can be utilized without costly software or fancy art setups. The media is compatible with any aqueous, latex, or solvent inkjet printer. It brings a whole new set of possibilities to the inkjet printing world. Use it to create:
- One-of-a-kind seasonal signage / backlits
- Unique, eye-popping POS / POP displays
- Slap-you-in-the-face presentations
- Attention-grabbing retail packaging
- Can be trimmed, cut, glued, or bound
If you want a 3-D printed sample, we will send one to you.
New Epson Swatchbook Available
Epson Legacy Sample packs
At JVH, we now have sample packs containing all four new papers. Please contact us if you are interested.

Legacy Platine: 100 percent cotton fibre paper with a bright OBA-free, smooth satin finish. With a unique feel of an artistic paper of centuries past, along with an outstanding color gamut, this paper is exceptional for both color and black and white printmaking.

Legacy Fibre: 100 percent cotton fibre paper with an exceptionally bright OBA-free, smooth matte finish. With an outstanding black density, this paper is ideal for all types of high-end printmaking.

Legacy Baryta: A baryta paper with a white, smooth satin finish, utilizing two barium sulfate coatings. Inspired by the F64 group, this paper takes the best of revered silver halide technology to new levels of quality.

Legacy Etching: 100 percent cotton fibre paper with a bright OBA-free, uniquely textured matte finish beloved by artists for centuries. This paper has the feel of traditional etching papers.
1/2 price Demo for Sale - 36" Roll Feed Epson Scanner
Perfect input device for an Epson T-Series printer or other brand printer.
Scan Resolution of 200, 300, 360, 400, and 600 dpi. Scan Speed up to 6" per second (24-bit color). Scan file format JPEG or PDF (Optional PostScript module not required). Maximum Scan Area 36" x 96" sheet up to 1.3mm thick Copy / Scan modes Text/Line Drawing, Tracing Paper, Recycled Paper, Blueprint, and Poster. Maximum Copies up to 99 copies Reduction/Enlargement Auto, or 25-400% in 1% increments.
$4,495. MSRP $1,995. for demo.
Epson SureColor S60600 vs HP Later 360
- a productivity comparison
running Adhesive Vinyl

click on the photo to see video

The Epson speed is impressive and of course, the Epson image quality is
by far and away, industry best
SureColor S60600 vs HP Latex 360 - A Productivity Comparison
Epson SureColor S60600 vs HP Later 360
- a productivity comparison
running Scrim Banner Vinyl

click on the photo to see video
Rebate City
July Printer Rebates
SureColor Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor low Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Plotters

SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers

We will help you onsite to install, set up, calibrate and provide training on your new printer,
plus provide free sample media.
- and if you forget what you learned,
we will come back and help you again.

Epson 13" P400 - $100.
Epson 13" P600 - $150.
Epson 17" P800 - $300.
Epson 17" 4900 Standard Ed - $200.

Epson 17" 4900 Designer Ed - $300.
mail-in rebate - July 1 to July 31

Epson 24" P6000 - $350.
Epson 24" P7000 - $750.
Epson 44" P8000 - $750.
Epson 44" P9000 - $1,000.

Epson 64" 11880 - $3,500.
instant rebate -
July 1 to July 31
July Printer Rebates
Epson 24" T3270 - $500.
Epson 36" T5270 - $750.
Epson 36" T5270D - $1,000.
Epson 44" T7270 - $1,000.

Epson 44" T7270D - $1,200.
Additional Education Discount - call

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Epson 64" S40600. - $2,000.
Epson 64" S60600. - $2,000.
Epson 64" S80600. - $2,000.

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Epson 44" F6200 - $500.
Epson 64" F7200 - $1,000.
instant rebate - July 1 to July 31

Nice Rebates on Epson Media
Buy any three rolls of any size
Epson Legacy Fine Art Media
and get the cost back of one
FREE by mail

mail-in rebate - July 1 to July 31
Contact Info: JVH Technical LLC 4334 130th PL SE Bellevue, WA 98006
tel 425.643.7323 email johnjvhtech@gmail.com
EPSON SureColor large-format inkjet printers
S-Series Solvent Printers
Excellent photo quality High print speeds Low power
3 models, 64"-wide Environmentally responsible - no nickel compound inks Versus aqueous, inks are 1/2 the cost, and media are 1/4 the cost Very reliable
P-Series Aqueous Photo Printers
Industry benchmark for print quality and superior ink technology. 17", 24", 44", 64"-wide High-end photo, fine art, proofing, as well as general printing High reliability and performance over a decade. Now, extreme speed.
T-Series Technical Plotters
Extreme speed and plotting accuracy 24", 36", & 44"-wide Permanent piezo heads Easy front loading Low ink cost Durable prints Stunning photo prints in addition to precision drawings and renderings
F-Series Dye Sub Printers
100% Epson solution - chassis, heads, inks, and support. 44"/64"-wide All new Epson inks Stunning photo quality transfers onto cloth & hard goods
Highly reliable Multiple burgeoning applications
New EPSON P-Series Photo Printers
Epson New 24-inch and 44 inch Photo Printers
These new P-Series printers are performing very well and users seem to be delighted with the performance, image quality, color gamut and ease of use. All models available now. For special prices and current rebates, contact JVH. Check out all the specs at:

P800 - 17" 8-color $1,295.msrp $1,195.street
P6000 - 24" 8-color $2,995.msrp $2,495.street P7000 - 24" 10-color $3,995.msrp $3,350.street
P8000 - 44" 8-color $4,995.msrp $4,175.street P9000 - 44" 10-color $5,995.msrp $4,995.street

New EPSON P10000 44" Aqueous Photo

Epson continues to introduce new printers at a dizzying rate!
Epson has released a new line of F-Series Dye Sublimation printers, S-Series Solvent printers, and now a most advanced technology, extreme speed P-Series Photo P10000
44" production printer, on the heels of the Photo P20000 64" production printer.
Contact us to pre-order or for more information.
Epson Professional 44" Fine Art/Photographic Printer
This is a perfect high-end photography/fine art printer. It is also more than twice as fast as any previous Epson printer. Call us to get your name on the preorder list. First shipments begin first week of May. You can check out all the specs at:
Remarkable productivity — new PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead utilizing
8000 nozzles, for print speeds more than twice as fast as the previous generation.

The art of performance — high-performance 9-color archival pigments for
high-volume fine art and photographic printing environments.

Outstanding print quality — Epson UltraChrome® PRO archival ink technology produces exceptional color prints that last up to 200 years, along with four levels of gray for accurate transitions with very low grain, even at fast print modes.

Low cost of operation — high-capacity lower-priced 700 ml ink cartridges, along with more efficient ink usage, allows for a very low cost per print.

Superior workflow features — standard gigabit Ethernet and Hi-Speed USB, along with an internal 320GB print server, allows for exceptional networking performance for multiple workstations, instant reprint capability, and built-in web page for job and file management plus job accounting.
Epson New 64-inch Extreme Speed Photo Printer
The new 64" P20000 printers are beginning to ship in limited quantity and the new 44" P10000 printers are just becoming available. For preorders, contact JVH. Check out all the specs at:

P10000 - 44" 10-color $6,995.msrp P20000 - 64" 10-color $11,995.msrp
New EPSON S-Series 64" Solvent Printers
Epson New 64-inch Solvent Printers
Epson has done it again! Epson has always lead the industry with its focus on stunning image quality. The new S40, S60, and S80 printers now embody features to make the printer easy to operate and easy to maintain. All three models are now shipping. Check out all the impressive specs at:

S40600 4-color $15,995.msrp $14,995.street S60600 4-color high speed $22,995.msrp $20,995.street
S80600 8-10 color $24,995 msrp $22.995.street
Contact Info: JVH Technical LLC 4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
tel 425.643.7323 email johnjvhtech@gmail.com