JVH June 2020 Newsletter

the latest in large-format inkjet printers and media
JVH is fully OPEN for business
JVH is shipping ink, media and printers and can do no-contact deliveries
as well as have no-contact pickups here, including nights and weekends.
plus . . . .
We are always available by phone to help you get the most out of your printers and software, including using remote sessions to help you with your computer settings.
Epson announces all-new SureColor® Printers
13"-wide P700 and 17"-wide P900
What EPSON is saying . . .

Drawing from over 20 years of experience, these new printers incorporate the same large-format printing technology used by the world’s leading photographers, housed in a sleek, compact design that is up to 30% smaller than our previous generation.  The new 10-channel MicroPiezo® AMC Print head delivers prints with outstanding speed, consistency and accuracy.  With dedicated nozzles for photo and matte black ink, there is now no ink switching required.  Featuring our new UltraChrome® PRO10 pigment ink with Violet, these printers produce a wide color gamut for vibrant and rich colors.  And, for the first time ever, the EPSON Print Layout Mobile application allows for printing fully color-managed files directly from an iOS® device¹.  Welcome to the future of professional imaging.

                                       Surecolor P700 and P900 Features

            • UltraChrome® PRO10 Ink with Violet delivers wide color gamut
            • Dedicated Photo and Matte Black nozzles; no switching
            • Carbon Black Driver Mode for increased DMAX
            • EPSON Print Layout allows for fully color-managed printing from an iOS device
            • Industry-leading print permanence and color stability

What JVH is saying . . .
These new printers' features are not minor cosmetic upgrades that we all too often see.  We love the all new 10-ink technology with Violet ink and dedicated Matte Black and Photo Black channels, plus Carbon Black enhanced overcoat technology.  What's not to like about everything about these cool new professional printers - industry best image quality, color gamut, print brightness and smooth transitions.  They are even 30% smaller than the previous generation.  What are you waiting for?
Shipping dates:  P700 - mid-June 2020    P900 - August 2020
JVH is taking pre-orders Now
13" P700
17" P900
P700 & P900 Detailed Specs
Faith in place
"The pews may be empty, but a church made sure the preacher wasn't lonely."
In these unusual times, large format printers are ideal to print bulletins on A-Frame sandwich boards to put throughout a place of worship, as well as for outdoor notifications to promote programs for kids and support groups.  Also very important for all organizations and businesses are social distancing floor signs and other timely important signage geared to today's environment.
Virtual Attendance Article
Free CDC image print files for Coronavirus
These free graphic files can be downloaded and printed on any large-format printer.  Effective communication is very important for all organizations and businesses to help protect employees, vendors, and all people in general.  Some typical examples are shown below.
Free Image Files
Coming soon - Lumina Webinar on Media
Kelli from FDC Graphics  will be hosting a Q&A to answer all your questions on the use of Lumina Sign Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl and Digital Solvent Media.  Special emphasis will be applications for schools.  Watch for the upcoming email announcement - JVH will send a notice three days in advance.
All attendees will receives free product samples from the Lumina product line as a thank you for being part of this can’t miss event.
JVH is now handling the industry leading FDC Lumina line of films and can provide these products to you. They are designed for solvent inks such as for the EPSON S40, S60, S80 printers, as well as Latex/UV printers.  Check out all the offerings, specs and orders forms as well as detailed info on the Lumina site.  JVH also has bundles available including a Graphtec plotter-cutter, heat press and Lumina starter media packages.  Contact us any time to discuss how we can meet your needs.
Specs and Order Forms
Lumina Site
Graphtec Plotter-Cutters open up many new applications
Schools - In combination with a large-format printer, the Graphtec cutters are perfect for everything CTE, athletics, business entrepreneurial classes, and especially . . . fun and very successful fundraisers.

Pro Photographers - The plotter-cutter is an ideal tool to cut out 4x6, 5x7,and 8x10s in high volume, which you easily gang up and print on your large printer.  However, in the past, you haven't have the time and energy to cut up roll paper into small 4x6s, and instead have gone to Costco or a service bureau.  Bring it in-house and a) make much more profit, b) print the images just the way you want them versus a lab, and c) eliminate valuable turnaround time. 
   You can also substantially augment you offerings to your customers with new 3-D products made available with the many plotter outputs including cut-and-fold personalized boxes and other shapes.
P.S. ColorByte RIP/printing software runs these plotters seemlessly out of ImagePrint.
You can go big . . .
 . . . or you can go small & inexpensive
The industry leading Graphtec plotter-cutters open up a world of new applications, such as producing stickers, decals, fatheads and other cut-out graphics.  They are also great for producing 3D product designs and packages.  The plotters are a perfect complement to a large-format printer.  Check out the information below including a video that shows how they work and the gamut of applications.
flagship FC9000 Plotters
lower cost CE7000 Plotters
Demo printers, presses, and cutters for sale
1. Canon JVH demo printer 24" PRO-2000
2. INSTA heat press 20 x 25, used once for a demo
3. Graphtec CE6000Plus 24" plotter/cutter, used once for a demo
June/July Printer Rebates
check complete selling prices at www.jvhtech.com
SureColor Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers
SureColor Eco-Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Printers

We help you onsite to install, set up, calibrate
and provide training on your new printer,
and provide free sample media.
- JVH support has no end date

EPSON P-Series Photo Aqueous
EPSON 13" P400 - $150.
EPSON 17" P5000 - $400.

mail-in rebates - June 1 to June 30

EPSON 24" P7570 - $500.
EPSON 44" P8000 - $400.

EPSON 44" P9000 - $450.
EPSON 44" P10000 - $1,000.

EPSON 64" P20000 - $2,500.
rebates - June 1 to June 30

EPSON T-Series General Use Aqueous
EPSON 24" T3170 - $100.
EPSON 24" T3270 - $250.
EPSON 36" T5270 - $500.
EPSON 36" T5270D - $1,000.
EPSON 36" T5470 - $200.
EPSON 44" T7270 - $750.

EPSON 44" T7270D - $1,000.
Additional education discounts - call

instant rebates - June 1 to June 30
EPSON F-Series Dye Sublimation
EPSON 17" F570 - $100.
EPSON 44" F6370 - $1,300.

EPSON 64" F7200 - $2,000.
EPSON 64" F9370 - $4,000.
EPSON 64" F9470 - $4,000.

instant rebates - June 1 to June 30

EPSON S-Series 64" Solvent
EPSON S40600 - $4,000.
EPSON S60600 - $5,000.
EPSON S80600 - $4,000.

EPSON Print-Cut S40600 - $4,000.
EPSON Print-Cut 60600 - $5,000.
EPSON Print-Cut S80600 - $5,000.

instant rebates - June 1 to June 30

Very nice rebate on many Epson Media
Buy 3 Signature Worthy or Legacy media
and get 1 Free via mail-in rebate

mail-in rebate - June 1 to June 30

Canon Photo/Fine art Aqueous
Canon 24" PRO-2100 $300
Canon 44" PRO-4100 $800.
Canon 44" PRO-6100 $1,000.

instant rebates - June 1 to July 31
90 Days same as Cash

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