JVH May 2017 Newsletter

the latest in large-format inkjet printers and media
Topics in this newsletter:
1. Epson wins Top Product awards for its S80600 solvent printers.
2. New PremiereArt fine art Bright White Canvas Matte.
3. Epson Poster Paper Production is now in stock in all sizes at JVH.
4. Now is the time for Epson Dye Sublimation Printers and the many lucrative applications.
5. School/Education Applications for T-Series technical plotters/printers.
6. New printers supported by ColorByte ImagePrint RIP.
7. Current Epson and Canon rebates for May.
Each year, PrintingNews Wide-Format & Signage names the winners of its prestigious Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards nominated across an array of categories by readers, print service providers worldwide, as well as industry and editorial staff. The result is a strong lineup of winning products – as voted on by members of the visual-communications industry. This year Epson won for both the S80600 solvent printer and its GSX inks
Winner - Epson S80600 Solvent Printer
Top Product: Output device 24"-wide+

Accelerated printing speeds - 6 pass, 195 sq ft/hr for Adhesive Vinyl Production
Precise, fine detail and small text capabilities
Variable Sized Droplet Technology, as small as 4.2
picoliters, to noticeably reduce print grain and banding

100% Epson - Epson Precision Core TFP Head, Epson inks, Epson printer hardware/and electronics, and most importantly Epson support for its industry leading brand.
Winner - Epson GSX Inks
Top Product: Ink and Toner Category

The only available Red ink in the 64” signage market.
Ability to freely switch between White and Metallic Silver as needed.
Achieving a completely accurate color with outstanding color density and brightness.
Smooth gradations, shadows, and neutral grays with the unique UltraChrome GS3 Light Black.
Best-in-class Pantone Certification. A higher Pantone coverage gives you the ability to accurately reproduce important Pantone spot and brand colors. Widest Available Gamut in the 64" Roll-to-Roll signage markets
This is one very cool Epson solvent printer!

JVH unequivocally recommends the S80600
for those who want the best,
we will help you install, set up, and train you on the printer/software
so you get off on the right foot
New PremiereArt Fine Art Canvas
lowered priced, easier to stretch, first rate image quality

JVH strongly recommends Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte, Satin, and Gloss. The Natural version of these Epson canvases are also nice - plus a bit thinner for wrapping ease. Many customers are using this fine art Epson canvas with which we experience very few quality / lot problems. This is not the case for several other canvas brands - canvas is one of the most difficult media to produce reliably and without artifacts, coating issues, and other quality bummers.
As an alternative for some customer applications, (especially where you are looking for an easier -to-wrap media) we have come across another excellent aqueous canvas from Premier. The brand new
PremierArt Canvas Matte Bright White - 21mil 400g is one of the finest on the market today. The bright white coating yields outstanding color gamut and snap. It is also more economical than Satin canvas, and the surface may be changed by using water-based ECO Print Shield in Matte, Satin, or Gloss.
We also handle the
PremiereArt Museum Bright Satin canvas which has been a solid product for many customers. If you are interested, JVH has sample rolls available of both canvases. Check out all the sizes and prices here:
Added bonus - ColorByte has made ImagePrint RIP profiles for these two canvases for the latest Epson P-Series printers
Now in stock - New Epson Poster Paper Production
very inexpensive and very good new media
This Epson media is half the price of Premium Luster Photo Paper and looks very good. Offering sharp details and brilliant colors that dry instantly, this lightweight resin-coated paper with a low glare satin finish is perfect for posters, signs, and displays. This paper is easy to handle and offers superior light-fastness and excellent water-resistance. Available in two weights 210g - 175 ft and 175g - 200 ft rolls. Samples available from JVH.
Now is the time for dye sublimation printers
Epson is kickin' it in the dye sub marketplace. These new Epson large-format printers will help you dramatically increase your overall sales into lucrative, rapidly growing burgeoning massive markets. We urge you to take a hard look at the opportunities. Call us any time to see what it takes to get going in this exploding market.
Sports and Fashion Apparel
Apparel is one of the largest opportunities for Dye-Sublimation

Sports Apparel –Personalized jerseys with matching team colors

Fashion Apparel –Vivid color, rich blacks and smooth gradients

Garment Decoration –Customization of cut and sewn garments (i.e. All-Over Sublimation)

Silicone Edge Graphics
Fabric Graphics is growing trend in retail

Vivid colors on durable fabric with no need for protection

Frameless displays can be grouped together to create large displays

Quick installation and easy change out of graphics

Used prints can be recycled

Reduces noise in commercial environments

Utilize backlit fabrics with light diffusion properties for Brilliant Backlit Displays

Promotional and Gifts
Promotional products for a lasting impression

Vibrant, high definition prints on a wide range of personalized goods such as bags, mouse pads, bottle insulators, and more.

Increase brand recognition with customized promotional goods
Photo, Awards and Gifts
Promotional products for a lasting impression

Hard goods with high visual impact

Produce branded or personalized vibrant, high-definition prints on hard goods

Products range from high-end photo metal panels, wood award plaques, phone covers, to water bottles and more
Home Décor
Customized Décor in high demand.

Customized décor products are ideal for retail locations providing a unique look and theme

Numerous products including table tops, ceramic tiles, drinkware, cutting boards, towels, pillows and even upholstery can be customized.
Flag and Banner

Soft Signage continues to grow

Eye-catching colorful graphics in three dimensional shapes

Quick and easy to setup

Lightweight for low cost shipping

Suitable for use indoor and short-term outdoor
Industry best dye-sublimation Printers
Epson is the market leader in dye-sublimation
with its best-in-brand
Turnkey Solution
Education applications for
Epson SureColor T-Series Plotters

Be the Poster Child for Posters!
Who uses posters:
  • PTA / PTO / Booster Clubs
    • Drama Club, Music Events and Fundraising Posters
  • Art and Photo Departments
    • Student projects - Graphic Design and photo prints
  • Administration
    • Event Posters and Community Event graphics
  • Athletic Department
    • Game Schedule Posters and Player Posters
  • Media Center
    • Classroom materials and School Club Posters
T-Series printers let you print directly to thick posterboard. Check out this informative how-to video below to see how easy this process works.
EPSON SureColor T-Series large-format inkjet printers
Learn More - Printing on Posterboard
Learn More - Epson T-Series Printer
New Printers Supported by ImagePrint RIP software
ColorByte has announced finished drivers for the Epson SP7890, SP9890, P5000, P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000. Finally ! Hurray!
Many of our professional photographers and high-end photo / fine art service bureaus cannot live without ImagePrint RIP software. Not only is the image quality better than Mac or PC drivers, but the workflow is priceless. You get hundreds of first rate profiles included for every major brand of media, can set up a print in a minute, get true blues, natural skin tones, printed output that matches your screen, plus dozens of other capabilities. Spend your valuable time on other stuff than horsing around a dozens of print dialogs in PhotoShop. Check out all the exclusive features at:
To order ImagePrint software or an upgrade, contact JVH at tel 425.643.7323
or email johnjvhtech@gmail.com
Rebates R'Us
May Printer Rebates
SureColor Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor Eco-Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Plotters

SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers

We help you onsite to install, set up, calibrate and provide training on your new printer,
plus provide free sample media.
- and if you forget what you learned,
we will come back and help you again.

Epson 13" P400 - $100.+ $50 Loyalty
Epson 13" P600 -
$150.+$50. Loyalty
Epson 17" P800 - $300.+$50. Loyalty
Epson 17" P5000 Standard Ed - $150.

Epson 17" P5000 Designer Ed - $200.
mail-in rebate - May1 to May31

Epson 24" P6000 - $300.
Epson 24" P7000 - $750.
Epson 44" P8000 - $750.
Epson 44" P9000 - $1,000.
Epson 44" P10000 - $1,250.
Epson 64" P20000 - $1,750.
instant rebate - May1 to May31
May Printer Rebates
Epson 24" T3270 - $500.
Epson 36" T5270 - $750.
Epson 36" T5270D - $1,000.
Epson 44" T7270 - $1,000.

Epson 44" T7270D - $1,200.
Additional Education Discount - call

instant rebate - May1 to May31

Epson 64" S40600. - $2,000.
Epson 64" S60600. - $2,000.
Epson 64" S80600. - $2,000.

instant rebates - May1 to May31

Epson 44" F6200 - $500.
Epson 64" F7200 - $1,000.
instant rebates - May1 to May31

Canon 44" P4000 - $500. + free 160ml inkset
instant rebate - May1 to May31
Nice Rebate on Epson Media
Buy any three rolls of Signature Worthy media and get the cost back of one FREE by mail
mail-in rebate - May1 to May31
S-Series Solvent Printers
Industry best photo quality High print speeds. Low power requirement. 3 models, 64"-wide Environmentally responsible. Versus aqueous, inks are 1/2 the cost, and media are 1/4 the cost Red ink plus Metallic Silver and White Inks are available.
P-Series Aqueous Photo Printers
Industry benchmark for print quality and superior ink technology. 17", 24", 44", 64"-wide High-end photo, fine art, proofing, as well as general printing High reliability and performance over a decade. Now, extreme speed.
T-Series Technical Plotters
Extreme speed and plotting accuracy 24", 36", & 44"-wide Permanent piezo heads Easy front loading Low ink cost Durable prints Stunning photo prints in addition to precision drawings and renderings
F-Series Dye Sub Printers
100% Epson solution - chassis, heads, inks, and support. 44"/64"-wide All new Epson inks Stunning photo quality transfers onto cloth & hard goods
Highly reliable Multiple burgeoning applications
Contact Info: JVH Technical LLC 4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
tel 425.643.7323 email johnjvhtech@gmail.com