JVH September 2015 Newsletter

the latest in large-format inkjet printers and media

2015 Large-format printing Digital Festival
You are invited to a great educational event
and are welcome to attend any or all sessions

at the Embassy Suites, 3225 158th Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA

check out all the program details at:


Digital Festival & Print Contest
Thursday, October 8, 2015   8:30am - 4:00pm

free, including complimentary lunch

    Wednesday, October 7, 2015   8:30am - 4:00pm

$100 fee, including lunch

 Focused User Training
    Wednesday, October 7, 2015   1:00pm - 4:45pm

Get the most out of your Epson Dye Sub Printer
Get the most out of your Epson Solvent Printer
Get the most out of your ColorByte ImagePrint RIP
Get the most out of your EFI RIP software

free, space limited, sessions by product

For the Digital Festival, Workshop, and the User Training,
RSVP to Kathy, Ryan or John Harrington
 call: 425.643.7323  
email: johnjvhtech@gmail.com
Save the date!.  We are holding a JVH Digital Festival on Thursday, October 8, 2015 at the Embassy Suites in Bellevue, WA.  OK to RSVP any time.  As many of our customers know, this free educational event brings high value to anyone interested in large-format digital printing.  The past ten Festivals have been very rewarding and have featured wonderful industry speakers and valuable information.  Art Wolfe will be one of our speakers this year, and he will be showing you his latest inspirational images and the environmental causes they highlight.  Epson will be unveiling it's new technology printers and media.  We will have people from HahnemΓΌhle, Canson, Chromix, Chromaluxe, ML Supplies/QuickBar, Graphtec, ColorByte, and EFI.
   The associated free Print Contest on the same day is also a lot of fun,  showcasing some stunning and varied images.  The Contest rules are essentially "there are no rules", so you never know what you are going to see, although we do have a few guidelines.
   We also will be holding a
Workshop on Wednesday October 7 which will enhance your technical knowledge on producing large-format prints, canvas stretching, file preparation, managing color in PhotoShop and LightRoom, selecting media for fine art, photographic and signage, plus many practical ideas and tips.  Some great speakers are coming.  There is a nominal $100 charge for the one-day workshop, which includes a yummy lunch.
See all the details at:

Sept Rebates on WideF Printers
StylusPro Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor low Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Plotters

SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers

We will help you install, set up, calibrate and provide training on your new printer,
plus provide free sample media.
. . . and when you forget stuff, we will come back and help you again, no charge

Epson 13" P600  -$200.
Epson 17" P800  -$200.
Epson 17"4900 Standard Ed -$150.

Epson 17"4900 Designer Ed - $300.
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Epson 44" 9890 All Editions - $1.000.
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Epson 24" 7900 - $750.
Epson 44" 9900 - $1,000.

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Epson 64" 11880 - $2,000.
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Sept Rebates on WideF Printers
Epson 24" T3270 - $500.
Epson 36" T5270 - $750.
Epson 36" T5270D - $1,000.
Epson 44" T7270 - $1,000.

Epson 44" T7270 - $1,250.

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Epson 64" S30675. - $2,000.
Epson 64" S50675. - $2,000.
Epson 64" S70675. - $2,000

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Epson 44" F6070 - $500.
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Good Rebates on Epson Media
Buy any three rolls of any size
Epson Exhibition Canvas and get
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The latest Epson large-format inkjet printers
T-Series Technical Plotters    
Extreme speed and plotting accuracy   24", 36", & 44"-wide   Permanent piezo heads   Easy front loading   Low ink cost   Durable prints   Stunning photo prints in addition to precision drawings and renderings
F-Series Dye Sub Printers
100% Epson solution - chassis, heads, inks, and support.  44"/64"-wide   All new Epson inks   Stunning photo quality transfers on cloth & hard goods 
Highly reliable    Multiple burgeoning applications
S-Series Solvent Printers
Excellent photo quality  High print speeds  Low power
3 models, 64"-wide   Environmentally responsible - no nickel compound inks   Versus aqueous, inks are 1/2 the cost, and media are 1/4 the cost   Very reliable
Stylus Pro Aqueous Printers
Industry benchmark for print quality and superior ink technology.  17", 24", 44", 64"-wide   High-end photo, fine art, proofing, as well as general printing   High reliability and performance over a decade 
Contact info:      JVH Technical, 4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
                                tel 425.643.7323  email  johnjvhtech@gmail.com