JVH Technical LLC

2019 EPSON Promotions

    JVH Technical and EPSON are offering you this series of
tempting media and hardware incentives.  

Rebate for EPSON Signature Worthy media

Buy three rolls of any qualifying EPSON Signature Worthy media and get a
check back for the price of one roll.  Valid thru Mar 31, 2019.

Here's the coupon and qualifying media . . . PDF File

Rebate for EPSON SureColor P800

Customers who purchase a Standard or Designer Edition EPSON SureColor P800
printer will be eligible for a mail-in rebate of $300.   Offer valid thru Mar 31, 2019

Click here for rebate . . . PDF File

Rebate for Epson Stylus Pro 5000

Customers who purchase an Epson Stylus® Pro 5000 printer(Standard Edition) will
be eligible for a mail-in rebate of $400.   Customers who purchase the Designer
edition will receive a $450 rebate.  Offer expires Mar 31, 2019.

Click here for rebate . . . PDF File   

EPSON Instant Rebates!

Buy any of these printers and receive a hassle-free instant rebate.  There is absolutely
no wait and no paperwork to fill out!  These offers expire Feb, 2017.

Printer Rebate
SureColor P9000$1,000
SureColor P8000$1000
SureColor P7000$1000
SureColor P6000$500
SureColor P6000 DE    $600
SureColor P10000$1,000
SureColor P20000$2,000
SC S40600 PE$4,000
SC S60600 PE$4,000
SC S80600 PE$4,000
SC T-3270$500
SC T-5270$750
SC T-5270D$1,000
SC T-7270$1,000
SC T-7270D$1,200
SC F6200$1,000 + 4 Rolls*
SC F7200$1,000 + 4 Rolls*
SC F9200$3000 Event**

* 4-Rolls - 44"x300' DS Transfer Photo
** Demo Event Rebate