JVH September 2017 Newsletter

the latest in large-format inkjet printers and media
Topics in this newsletter:
1. Save up to $4,000 on Epson F-Series Dye Sub printers
2. Save up to $8,000 on Epson S-Series Solvent printers.
3. Save up to $2,000 on Epson P-Series Proofing printers.
4. Save up to $1,850 on Epson P-Series Designer Edition printers.
5. Current Epson and Canon rebates for September
Epson has always had terrific image quality in its aqueous high-end photo printers. The new Epson P-Series models are even better, and the Canon Pro Series also print with great image quality for photography and fine art. The Epson T-Series are ideal for technical, CAD/GIS, schools, churches, corporate graphics, making film positives, and many other general uses.

This being said, Epson has several other classes of large-format printers that open up a world of possibilities. You can produce custom printed images on cloth, metals, ceramics, game boards, mouse pads, outputting outdoor signage good for three years without lamination, producing industry best perfect printing proofs, and much more. You can explore some of these cool applications below.

Epson industry leading large-format printers are also newly attractively priced, so you can get your hands on one of these puppies. Take a look at these hot printers and see how they can dramatically increase your business, save you time, and/or lower your costs. To get you off on the right foot, JVH will deliver, install, set up, and provide training on the printers and RIP/printing software. Just contact us for all the details at tel 425.643.7323 or email: johnjvhtech@gmail.com

Save up to $3,000. on
Surecolor® Hi-Performance
Dye Sublimation Printers

perfect solution for custom-printed products
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Save up to $4,000. on
Surecolor® F-Series
Dye Sublimation Printers

designed specifically for fashion
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Epson F9200 blazing fast 64"-wide dye sub printer
Epson F6200 44'-wide dye sub printer
Epson F7200 44"-wide dye sub printer

Save up to $8,000 on
Surecolor® S-Series

Solvent Printers
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A 64"-wide S40600 printer for $9,995 after current rebates and promos - are you kidding! It's the perfect entry-level sign printer at an irresistible price.
And . . . . it's an Epson.
S60 Most productive sign printer
S80 Outstanding image quality

Save up to $2,000 on
Surecolor® P-Series

Proofing Systems

the #1 choice for prepress proofing
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Epson 10-color 24" - P7000 and 44"- P9000

Save up to $1,850 on
Surecolor® P-Series

Designer Edition Systems

from sketch to screen to printed page
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Perfect consistent proofs off the 17" P800

Rebate City
September Printer Rebates
SureColor Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor Eco-Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Plotters

SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers

We help you onsite to install, set up, calibrate and provide training on your new printer,
plus provide free sample media.
- and if you forget what you learned,
we will come back and help you again.

Epson 13" P400 - $100.+ $50 Loyalty
Epson 13" P600 -
$150.+$50. Loyalty
Epson 17" P800 - $300.+$50. Loyalty
Epson 17" P5000 Standard Ed - $200.

Epson 17" P5000 Designer Ed - $250.
mail-in rebate - Sept 1 to Sept 30

Epson 24" P6000 - $300.
Epson 24" P7000 - $750.
Epson 44" P8000 - $750.
Epson 44" P9000 - $1,000.
Epson 44" P10000 - $1,000.
Epson 64" P20000 - $2,000
rebate - Sept 1 to Sept 30
September Printer Rebates
Epson 24" T3270 - $500.
Epson 36" T5270 - $750.
Epson 36" T5270D - $1,000.
Epson 44" T7270 - $1,000.

Epson 44" T7270D - $1,200.
Additional Education Discounts - call

instant rebate - Sept 1 to Sept 30

S-Series, after all rebates and promos:
Epson 64" S40600. - $9,995 estimated price
Epson 64" S60600. - $14,995 estimated price

Epson 64" S80600. -$18,995 estimated price
valid Sept 1 to Sept 30

Epson 44" F6200 - $500. +$500 event
Epson 64" F7200 - $1,000. + $1,000 event
Epson 64" F9200 - $2,000. + $2,000 event

valid Sept 1 to Sept 30

Canon 24" PRO-2000 - $200.
Canon 44" PRO-4000 - $500.

instant rebate - Sept 1 to Sept 30
Nice Rebates on Epson Media
Buy any three rolls of Signature Worthy media and get the cost back of one FREE by mail
mail-in rebate - Sept 1 to October 31
S-Series Solvent Printers
Industry best photo quality High print speeds. Low power requirement. 3 models, 64"-wide Environmentally responsible. Versus aqueous, inks are 1/2 the cost, and media are 1/4 the cost Red ink plus Metallic Silver and White Inks are available.
P-Series Aqueous Photo Printers
Industry benchmark for print quality and superior ink technology. 17", 24", 44", 64"-wide High-end photo, fine art, proofing, as well as general printing High reliability and performance over a decade. Now, extreme speed.
T-Series Technical Plotters
Extreme speed and plotting accuracy 24", 36", & 44"-wide Permanent piezo heads Easy front loading Low ink cost Durable prints Stunning photo prints in addition to precision drawings and renderings
F-Series Dye Sub Printers
100% Epson solution - chassis, heads, inks, and support. 44"/64"-wide All new Epson inks Stunning photo quality transfers onto cloth & hard goods
Highly reliable Multiple burgeoning applications
Contact Info: JVH Technical LLC 4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
tel 425.643.7323 email johnjvhtech@gmail.com