JVH September Newsletter

large-format printers, cutters, heat presses, and media
The wait is soon to be over
Epson tells us that by the end of September, these new printers will start to ship.  Finally!
We will be contacting all our preorder customers this month, to let them know when to expect to get their cool new printer.
13"-wide  P700
17"-wide  P900
P700 and P900 Specs
Dye sub F570 24"-wide printers becoming available
We have tested our demo unit thoroughly and enthusiastically conclude it's fabulous with unequaled quality . . . and certainly at the right $2,495 price.  JVH has two F570 printers for-sale units in stock, with more units on the way.
Epson has extended its Extended Service!
For its 24"-wide and larger printers, Epson standard onsite factory warranty fully covers the first full year of operation.  The optional Extended Service packages have traditionally offered two more years, providing up to three years of coverage. 
   Epson has now completely revised its extended service offerings . . . so going forward, all plans are for one year with the option to purchase up to four one-year extensions, for up to
five years of total coverage.  In addition, a number of the plans have lower prices.
    For the Epson 17"-wide P800, P900, and P5000 printers, customers now also have the option to purchase up to four years of Extended Service, for up to
five years of total coverage, which are whole-unit exchange plans.  (The dye sub 24" F570  has a whole-unit exchange plan, but is limited to one 1-Yr plan.)
Please contact JVH if you need more info including the status of your printer current factory warranty or Extended Service plan, including your printer anniversary date.
JVH's take . . . although Epson printers have shown to be very reliable over the years, JVH recommends these fairly reasonably priced extended plans. The cost of after-warranty per incident service work can be expensive and inconvenient, notwithstanding frustrating. This is particularly true if your printer is generating considerable sales revenue, or fund-raising $$ for schools. 
    People routinely spend money to maintain their cars, which generate zero income, only expense.  Spending some preventative service dollars on a money-making printer central to one's business or school seems reasonable, and what many of our professionally businesses, organizations and schools opt in for.  It's comforting to know you will not be down, and protected for years to come.
Buy 3-Get 1 Free Epson Media Promo - extended for Sept.
This a great deal.  Stock up now on Signature Worthy media (such as Premium Luster, Hot Press Bright) or Legacy media.  When you buy 3, Epson will send you a check for 1, via a mail-in rebate.  Check out the coupon below for all the eligible media.
Buy 3-Get 1 free Media Promo Coupon
Demo printers, presses, and cutters for sale
1. Epson 24"-wide F570 dye sub printer, little use
2. INSTA heat press 20 x 25, used once for a demo
3. Canon printer 24" PRO-2000
4. Graphtec CE6000Plus 24" plotter/cutter, used once for a demo
September Printer & Media Rebates
check complete selling prices at www.jvhtech.com
SureColor Aqueous Photo Printers
SureColor Dye Sublimation Printers
SureColor Eco-Solvent Printers
SureColor Technical/Poster Printers

We help you onsite to install, set up, calibrate
and provide training on your new printer,
and provide free sample media.
- JVH support has no end date

EPSON P-Series Photo Aqueous
EPSON 13" P400 - $150.
EPSON 17" P5000 - $400.

mail-in rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30

EPSON 24" P7570 - $900.
EPSON 44" P8000 - $400.

EPSON 44" P9000 - $450.

EPSON 64" P20000 - $2,500.
rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30

EPSON T-Series General Use Aqueous
EPSON 24" T3170 - $100.
EPSON 24" T3270 - $250.
EPSON 24" T345 - $200.
EPSON 36" T5270 - $500.
EPSON 36" T5475 - $200.
EPSON 36" T5470M - $500.
EPSON 36" T5270DR - $500.
EPSON 44" T7270 - $750.

EPSON 44" T7270DR - $1,000.
Additional education discounts - call

instant rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30
EPSON F-Series Dye Sublimation
EPSON 44" F6370 - $1,300.
EPSON 64" F7200 - $2,000.
EPSON 64" F9370 - $4,000.
EPSON 64" F9470 - $4,000.

instant rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30

EPSON S-Series 64" Solvent
EPSON S40600 - $4,000.
EPSON S60600 - $5,000.
EPSON S80600 - $4,000.

EPSON Print-Cut S40600 - $4,000.
EPSON Print-Cut 60600 - $5,000.

instant rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30

Very nice rebate on many Epson Media
Buy 3 Signature Worthy or Legacy media
and get 1 Free via mail-in rebate

mail-in rebate - Sept 1 to Sept 30
Canon Photo/Fine art Aqueous
Canon 24" PRO-2100 $250.
Canon 44" PRO-4100 $1,000.
Canon 44" PRO-6100 $800.

0% Financing
instant rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30

Graphtec Plotter-Cutters
CE 7000-130 50" $250
CE7000-60 24" $150
Extra Yr Warranty - 3 Years total

mail-in rebates - Sept 1 to Sept 30

Four classes of EPSON industry leading printers
Contact Info:  JVH Technical LLC  4334 130th PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
425.643.7323   email johnjvhtech@gmail.com