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JVH 2022 Prices including Instant Rebates!

EPSON Aqueous Printers     Price
SureColor P900 *      $1,249
SureColor P5000 $1,895
SureColor P6000 $2,595
SureColor P7000 $3,095
SureColor P7570 $3,555
SureColor P8000 $3,345
SureColor P9000 $4,395
SureColor P9570 $5,395
SureColor P20000 $11,495
Canon Printers                       Price
imagePROGRAF PRO-2100       $2,840
imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 $4,160
imagePROGRAF PRO-6100 $10,735

EPSON DyeSub         Price
SureColor F570 $2,545
SureColor F6370 $7,545
SureColor F7200 $14,995
SureColor F9470 $22,995
EPSON Solvent             Price
SureColor S40600 $11,995
SureColor S60600 $16,895
SureColor S80600 $20,945
EPSON Technical     Price
SureColor T3270 $2,895
SureColor T5270 $3,895
SureColor T7270 $4,795

* Eligible for additional Mail-In-Rebate - Prices Subject to change
P900 - $200
Who is JVH Technical LLC?
   JVH Technical is an authorized EPSON value-added ProFocus reseller as well as Canon, EFI, ColorByte, Onyx, Seal, Canson, Hahnemühle, and Moab.  JVH offers service beyond what most faceless Internet box-movers provide.   Virtually all our business is done by reputation and by reference.  Click on Why buy to see what else sets us apart from all those other guys.

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