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Onyx RIPCenter

- Exellent color management
- Easy to use
- Automatic media-save print nesting
- Built-in media management
- Fast and productive

Onyx PosterShop

- All the benifits of RIPCenter, plus...
- Soft proof images using Preflight tool
- Simple image editing and resizing in Preflight
- Drive two large-format printers simultaneously

What's New? PDF File

    Onyx Graphics offers several easy-use, high quality workflow solutions for professional digital photographers.  No matter what inkjet printer you're using, Onyx Graphics software can give you better color and more performance than the bundled driver that came with the printer.

    If you're just starting out with your first inkjet, we've designed a photographic print solution just for you called RIPCenter.  The workflow is very easy.  Simply print from Adobe(r) PhotoShop(r) from your PC or Mac and your images go through the Onyx RIPCenter to the inkjet printer.  It's that easy!  But unlike normal Windows or Mac printer drivers, RIPCenter provides automatic optimized print nesting.  This great feature alone can save you time and paper supplies. But RIPCenter also gives you superior color quality, which also saves you money.

    If you're already into inkjet printing and want more than just the best print queue, then PosterShop is for you.  PosterShop offers all of the ease-of-use and superior color quality of RIPCenter, plus a Preflight application specifically designed for large-format color proofing and printing.  With PosterShop you can visually preview, size, crop, tile and color correct your images before printing.  Prelight gives you an on-screen color proof of your images so you can see what the output color will look like before printing a single drop of ink.  You can even apply color correction filters to the image without affecting the original image file.

    Onyx ProductionHouse allows you to work across platforms and drive mulitple printers from various manufacturers with a fast turn-around.  You'll have unequalled flexibility to adapt to changing workflow conditions while utilizing our reliable high-production throughput.  We protect your investment by being scalable, reliable, and flexible.

Additional key benefits of Onyx ProductionHouse include:

- Easy and intuitive workflow
- Dramatic reduction in media costs by automatically nesting prints across media
- Multiple file format and application support
- Customizable images with scaling, cropping, rotating, and tiling features
- Visually preview a "soft copy" of the job to avoid costly reprinting
- Includes contour cutting workflow for printing labels, decals, cutout signs, displays, etc...
- "Out of the box" professional color with default color calibrations and ICC profiles
- Make color corrections and replace color - or a range of colors
- Import and apply custom ICC profiles
- Full control of input and output results
- Support for many 3rd party media
- Automatically get color contract proofs of jobs on small-format printer
- View and print reports of previously printed jobs