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Hasselblad X5

Hasselblad X5

Hasselblad X5 Virtual Drum Scanner

- 8000dpi true optical resolution
- Virtual drum scan principle
- 16 bit color depth
- FireWire interface
- Up to 200MB/min
- 4.9 DMax
- 35mm to 10x25cm film formats
- Reflectives up to A4 - FlexColor software

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The Time Machine
At 200MB per minute, the Hasselblad X5 performs at the speed required in a high production environment.  Images are scanned in true 16-bit color, capturing all the detail contained in the film without digital noise.  Combined with Imacon's robust feature rich FlexColor scanning software, they deliver outstanding image quality.

The Repair Machine
The Hasselblad X5 utilizes a combination of new hardware and software technology to intelligently delete unwanted artifacts such as dust and scratches, plus reduce film grain.  This is all done without sacrificing image sharpness or dramatically increasing scan time.  The Hasselblad X5 significantly reduces the visibility of the dust and scratches while maintaining sharpness.  FlexTouch is applied to further remove unwanted artifacts, keeping your photo retouching to a minimum.

The Reliability Machine
Durability is a virtue of all Imacon Flextight scanners.  Incorporating extensive use of solid metal construction into the design enhances the stability and durability of the Hasselblad X5.  This insures trouble free scanning in a high production environment.

Negative Scanning
With over 100 negative film profiles, the Hasselblad X5 delivers outstanding results from color and black and white negatives.  These profiles can be customized or unique negative profiles are easily created, making the Hasselblad X5 the ultimate tool for scanning negatives.

Batch Scanning
With the touch of one button, you can automatically scan 10 FlexHolders, combining film sizes and types, using the optional Batch Feeder.  Up to 60 originals can be scanned per batch.  Scan 50 mounted 35mm slides with the optional Mounted Slide Feeder.

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