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Hasselblad X1

Hasselblad X1

Hasselblad X1 Virtual Drum Scanner

- 6300 ppi optical resolution
- Virtual drum scan principle
- 16 bit color depth
- FireWire interface
- 4.6 DMax
- 35mm to 100x245mm film formats
- Refleflives up to A4
- Auto Frame Recognition
- Auto Focus
- Speeds up to 40 Mb/Min

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Get the most out of your originals
Don’t be fooled by the sleek design.  This is the second most most powerful high-end CCD scanner on the market today.  Hasselblad X1 offers high resolution, high speed, true 16 bit color, auto focus and a lot more.

Creating the versatile image file
It has become much more important the same file can be repurposed for any media.  Whether the file is used for the web or it is to be printed using high quality offset print-ing, it is imperative that it look it’s best.  The only way to achieve the highest quality output is to start out with the best of the best quality “Raw” scan.

Top Quality Negatives
You can now scan best-quality negatives for results just as good as from positives and just as easily, taking full advantage of the latest developments in negative film.

Today it makes a lot of sense to create a workflow which suits the requirements of the industry today, and does not forget the demands of tomorrow.  FlexColor is the tool able to handle this workflow.  FlexColor will have dual functionality, as it is used for scanning and also to prepare files for future reuse.

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