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Tips & Tricks

  We all know that making great prints is not as simple as hitting File/Print, so we've compiled some usefull tools to make the process easier.

Do you plan on not printing for extended periods?  Click below for help!
Long Term Storage Instructions for EPSON LF

Putting your prints behind glass?  Make sure they are cured properly.
Framing Tips

Heard about the Atkinson ICC's.  Click below for instructions on how to use them
Atkinson Profiles

It's a little outdated, but the concepts are the same.
How to use ICC Profiles

Wondering what your costs are?  This chart should help.
(Once again, a little outdated but not much has changed)
Cost Per Square Foot

Moving on up! OSX is very different from 9.  This should ease the transition.
Using OSX Printer Drivers

Can't decide - Photo vs. Matte Black K3 Ink?  How about Both?
Check out Colorbyte's Phatte Black F.A.Q.
Phatte Black Mode - PDF

Trying to figure out how to finish Epson Canvas?
Exhibition Canvas printing and finishing tips