JVH Technical LLC

Why buy from JVH?

   JVH Technical LLC is an authorized value-added ProFocus reseller for Epson, and is also authorized for HP, Canon, Hasselblad, ColorByte, Colorburst, EFI, Onyx, Seal, Canson, Oce, Hahnemuhle, and Moab.  JVH offers service beyond what most faceless internet box-movers provide.  Virtually all our business is done by reputation and by reference. Our value-added services include:

1. You get help with installation and set-up your printer on site.  This is normally done at no charge in WA, OR, ID, and sometimes in MT, and AK.

2. We provide training on the printers, ICC profiles, print drivers, RIP software, and applications.  This is also routinely done at no charge.  We will also help people who did not purchase the printer from us - just give us a call.

3. You can try out most any type of sample media you would like to test, at no cost to you.

4. We take back any unopened current configuration media that you purchased from JVH, which you do not need, with no hassles or restocking charges.  The media needs to have been originally purchased relatively recently, and saleable as factory new merchandise.

5. You get honest answers to all your questions, and get follow-up answers to questions we are not sure about.  Many resellers do not have a clue about much of the operational, technical and application information for these products.

6. We stock all the inks and most of the papers right here in Bellevue, WA and provide fast delivery to all our customers.  We do not charge for local delivery.  Desperate customers often stop by on nights and weekends to get ink and paper.  On Occasion, we will run down to Greyhound to get a package in your hands, same day in the Pacific NW.

7. We have no arbitrary shipping "cut-off times."  If your order supplies any time of the business day, we will get them shipped that day via a cheap Fedex Ground to arrive at your place the next day anywhere in the state of WA.

8. We use conscientious and common sense shipping practices so your shipment is not all beaten up when you receive it.  This includes double boxing of all media shipments.  Both our customers and we do not have the time and energy for damaged shipments.  We also get you the best freight rates.

9. You get to participate in the periodic free educational Digital Festivals in Bellevue, WA.  We even serve you a nice sit down lunch.  This imaging event features the latest in large-format digital printers, printing/RIP software, and new media for new applications.   You will learn about Photoshop and color management techniques from industry gurus.   We also try to present ideas to help you jack up you business with new applications and enhanced service.  The inspirational Print Contest held at the same time is also a lot of fun and free to participate in with some cool prizes.

10. You get a dedicated champion who will fight for its customers with the manufacturers, as appropriate, re warranty and service issues.  We know the people at Epson, Canon, HP, Colorbyte, Hasselblad, Onyx, plus the media vendors, and have great relationship with them, which only helps our customers.

11. We can provide you with great contacts re print finishing service bureaus, tips and tricks of fine artists/pro photographers using this equipment, experts on finishing products, etc.

12. JVH is a family run business.  John, son Ryan, with wife Kathy and sister Carol are the faces of JVH.   We are very experienced and have sold several thousand large-format digital graphics printers in the Pacific NW . . . many consider us the leader in the region.  Other than working in the yard and walking Baxter, it is all we do and gives us focus.